How Healthy is Your Chicken?

How Healthy is Your Chicken?

Did you know there roughly 175 different types of chickens or that chickens can lay pink and even blue eggs? While a chicken egg takes roughly 21 days to hatch, a the life of a chicken can be as long as 10 to 15 years. Americans love! It's a known fact. They are more than just meat; they also provide us with eggs and their manure is recognized as rich fertilizer.

Every health conscious person should know their facts about chicken. Not all chicken is good chicken. In today's marketplace, while the it's taken for granted that all chickens are supposedly free of hormones, some plants still continue to use antibiotic therapy to encourage growth. Seriously, get your antibiotics from your doctor, not your chicken! They have also been injected with salt water thus causing water retention, weight gain and more money at the register when we buy poultry by the pound. Think about this: If your food is chemically treated, you too are absorbing those chemicals. If your chicken is injected with hormones, antibiotics and salt water, you too are absorbing these things. If you are absorbing the salt water found in some poultry, you are going to retain water as well, you are potentially increasing your exposure for hypertension and other health-related issues.

According to the USDA all chickens labeled, free roam, have an added requirement with the coops. These chickens are provided, not only with a window in the pen itself, but they are allowed to leave the pen and roam outside. Of course you need containment fences or the chickens will end up on the porches and in the streets of every chicken farm and poultry plant, but they are given the liberty of soaking up the sun, exercising and even searching widely for natural food. Doesn't that sound like a happy chicken? It may sound odd, but a stressed chicken is a tough chicken. truthfully it is not flavorful.

An added benefit of increasing your chicken intake is the protein the meat carries. Good protein found in chicken promotes easier healthy tissue growth. Why do we care? We need those amino acids found in chicken to bring that metabolism rate up. When your metabolism rate is up, your body feeds on the fatty tissue and not the lean tissue, ultimately resulting in weight maintenance and even weight loss. Now don't go deep fat frying an entire chicken with the misconception you will lose 10 pounds overnight. However, a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of protein rich foods like chicken will improve any weight loss program. Feed your body the proper fuel and it will thank you!

So here's the deal. The next time you're out shopping for that perfect chicken breast make the perfect healthy chicken recipe to grill and place on top of your whole wheat noodles and marinara, be sure to look closely at the label. Check for: free range' and ' hormone free' and even ' antibiotic free' labels. If you can't find what you are looking for at your local grocery store, you can find great healthy poultry online that will deliver packaged chicken right to your door.
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