Should I Buy Meat Frozen Or Chilled?

Should I Buy Meat Frozen Or Chilled?

Many online meat suppliers will tell you that the best and only way to buy wholesale meat is to buy it frozen as this helps to lock in its nutrients. However recent advancements in chilling technology have meant that frozen meat is not the only way to buy meat online.

Through the utilisation of vacuum packaging, ice sheets and insulation boxes, it is now possible to safely buy fresh meat online and receive it as juicy and as succulent as the day it was carved...

Benefits of frozen meat

Depending on how your meat supplier chooses to freeze your order, should they 'shock freeze' your meat this will help to lock in the taste and nutrients of meat as well as ensure that:

• It stays fresh - using specially adapted freezers that work to cool your meat faster than traditional home freezers; this method ensures that your meat stays juicy and loses less fluid

• Less bacteria - frozen straight after carving in freezers twice as cold as your home freezer this prevents bacteria development and ultimately illness

Benefits of chilled meat

As mentioned before, advancements in chilling technology now means your order can be delivered fresh to your door within 48 hours without losing any of its natural goodness.

• Vacuum packing - immediately vacuum packed after carving, this helps to lock in the flavour of your beef, prevent bacteria development and help it to stay fresher for longer. In addition, vacuum packing has been proven to prevent juices from escaping (helping your meat to remain moist) and protect your meat against knocks, bumps and freezer burn.

• Hydrated ice sheets - pre-cooled prior to wrapping your steaks, these specialised sheets help your meat to stay chilled during transit without the need for freezing

• Food grade gel packs - commonly used alongside hydrated ice sheets, these work together to lengthen the chill time

• Temperature controlled boxes - made from closed cell non-cross linked polyethylene, these boxes prevent warming and keep your order chilled to the exact temperature set by your ice sheets

With such extensive packaging it is easy to see why this chilling method is becoming more popular than frozen meat.

Enabling you to buy fresh meat which you can use immediately upon delivery, this delivery method is certainly more beneficial to your needs if you have bought this wholesale meat for a special occasion. Saving on the need to defrost it is a much more efficient ordering system.


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