Whole Processed Steer

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 A steer breaks down to approximately the following:

Sirloin steaks – (30) 10 oz cuts

Roasts – 5 (chuck and rump) they are about 4-5 lbs each, sometimes a little bigger sometimes a little smaller depending on the steer.

Ground beef- (250) 1 lbs packs of ground beef

Filet – (12) filets 8oz packs

Ribeye (25) cuts of bone-in about 16 oz

NY Strips – (22) cuts in 10oz packages

Brisket – (4) cuts of ½ briskets, we trim and cut them in half for a total of about 20-22 lbs.

Round Steak – (38) pieces, we put two 8oz tenderized cutlets per 1 lbs. package

Flank/Skirt – about 4 lbs roughly

Roughly 400 lbs. Delivered to your door. 

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