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Uncured Fruitwood Smoked Bacon - 5 lb.

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Uncured fruitwood smoked bacon is one of the most delicious varieties of bacon you can buy. Six Brothers Beef Uncured fruitwood smoked bacon, made in small batches, preserves the rich taste and texture that makes this product so special. Made from an all-natural recipe and antibiotic-free pork, each pack contains 5 lb of goodness.

An all-natural recipe, made with antibiotic-free pork, with no preservatives or nitrites used. This bacon is maple-cured for a sweet, smoky flavor. Comes in a 5 lb. package.

Certified Humane | No Antibiotics | No Added Growth Hormones
No Nitrites or Nitrates | Minimally Processed | No Animal Byproducts
No Artificial Flavors | Pork Fed a Vegetarian Diet | Gluten-Free | Dairy-Free
Soy-free | No MSG | No Fillers or Dyes | No Liquid Smoke