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Hand Cut Black Angus Tomahawk Ribeye

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Hand-Cut Black Angus Tomahawk Ribeye is made from prime black Angus beef, known for its tender and finely marbled meat. Tomahawk steaks are specifically cut to show at least a couple of inches of the rib bone intact, to which it was known for its unique bone-in presentation.

The tomahawk ribeye is a bone-in ribeye cut that is very thick in the middle but tapers down on the ends. Also known as cowboy ribeye or cowboy steaks, tomahawks are served from what is called the "rib primal" of beef.

Introducing a steak like no other! Hyplains Heritage Farms recognize that customers require a beef program with a tighter range of consistent marbling to deliver the full flavor and tenderness that ensures a premier eating experience every single time!

Price includes (1) 40 oz. hand-cut ribeye