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Hyplains Black Angus Beef Brisket

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For a long time, many people have considered Angus beef to be the ultimate in terms of flavor, tenderness, juiciness, and overall quality. While we are aware that Angus cattle have certainly lived up to their reputation, what most people might not know is that Hyplains Black Angus Beef Brisket is second to none when it comes to the Angus beef brisket you've been looking for.

Hyplains Black Angus beef briskets are high-quality Angus steaks that have taken their first steps into the world of culinary excellence. Bred to combine the Angus flavor, tenderness, and quality with a wider range of muscularity and marbling like no other.

Guaranteed to be one of the best briskets available on the market today! A fan favorite amongst many BBQ competitors. Each brisket is approximately 15.5 - 16.0 lbs. You will not be disappointed.