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Argentine Red Shrimp

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Argentine red shrimp is a type of wild red shrimp found in the coastal waters of Argentina. These days, it's also being farmed and has become very popular around the world since the 1990s.

The flavor of Argentine red shrimp is truly remarkable. As it is harvested from the wild, there are minor variations in taste across locations and times. But if we're talking about the overall taste, Argentinean red shrimp has a rich taste that's full, almost buttery. It is not as chewy as Australian red shrimp, but definitely softer and more tender than American pink & brown shrimp.

Peeled and de-veined, these tender morsels are huge and won't disappoint.

Each bag contains 16-20 pieces of fresh plump wild-caught wonder. 

High in protein, these sweet, red shrimp are ideal for grilling either with a skewer or on a cast-iron skillet.