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Black Angus Beef "Dino" Ribs

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Black Angus is a breed of beef cattle that originated in Scotland, England and Ireland. They are now used all over the world as beef breeds.
Black Angus Dino Ribs are meaty dinosaur beef ribs that can be cooked like short ribs or beef ribs, and Six Brothers Beef promises they will be a real treat for beef lovers.

Black Angus beef is very popular among meat-eaters because it tastes better than beef produced elsewhere.
Our Dino Ribs are also very popular among beef lovers due to their unique taste and high quality.

Feeling Hungry?

These Dino ribs come out crazy juicy, completely tender, falling off the bone. With a  marbling that won't let you down, the mouth-watering taste of these cuts are ready to impress any meat lover!

Two Slabs that weigh right around 12lbs.
Upper 2/3 Black Angus.

These will not disappoint- get some and prove us wrong.