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Bell & Evans Spatchcock Chicken

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Bell & Evans Spatchcock Chicken is a unique chicken presentation in which a whole piece is cut in the middle and are spatchcocked. Not sure what that means? “Spatchcocked” is the process of removing the backbone of the chicken which allows for the flattening of the meat and gives it an even cooking surface.

When cooked over charcoal, it enables the flavorful fat to drip under the skin.
It is also excellent for stuffing. To stuff your Bell & Evans chicken, breast side down - on a cutting board, place the stuffing in the middle of the breast, fold over and gently close with skewers or toothpicks.

Cooked with stuffing, no stuffing or grilling - creates an incredibly moist bird. 

Whole chicken with backbone removed. 100% air chilled and no retained water.