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Chopped Steak Patties

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Chopped Steak Patties (also known as Steak Patties) is what you get when you grind the best cuts of meat—usually sirloin, top round, or chuck steaks. Steak patties have a coarse texture, but when formed into a patty, it is great for grilling. They are often seasoned with salt and pepper, but you can also add Worcestershire sauce, chopped garlic (with the skin removed), ground mustard, or other seasonings if desired.

Chopped Steak Patties are a great way to step up the pub grub menu, whether it's for lunch or dinner.
Steak patties are delicious when served on buns with barbeque sauce, melted cheese, and mustard. What can be better than that?

Includes (36) 4-5 oz. prime chopped steak burgers.