Hand Cut Black Angus Center Cut Sirloin

Regular price $39.99

Introducing a steak like no other! Hyplains Heritage Farms recognize that customers require a beef program with a tighter range of consistent marbling to deliver the full flavor and tenderness that ensures a premier eating experience every single time!

Price includes (4) 6 oz. hand-cut sirloin

The beef sirloin comes from the cow's upper hind leg and its name is derived from the word "surloine," which is a French beef cut. Comes from our Hand-Cut Black Angus beef program, this centre cut beef sirloin product is very lean with few fat deposits.

Anyone can enjoy this variety in any number of ways - makes an excellent addition to beef roasts, stews as well as a delicious steak when marinated and grilled just until medium-rare for a taste that is sure to rival the finest steakhouses available.

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