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Hand Cut Black Angus Cowboy-Cut Ribeye

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The Black Angus Cowboy Rib Eye is the perfect cut for those who prefer their steaks a bit more marbled and flavorful. Hand-cut to perfection, is a full beef ribeye, exclusively from the chuck end of the cow. The meat has been hand trimmed to expose the beautiful rib cap and the top layer of lean beef muscles, known as the deckle. The beef fat content has been left intact to add flavor and juiciness to this beef ribeye steak.

Cowboy cut ribeye steaks are considered a great cut of beef for many reasons! Come and experience it yourself!

 Introducing a steak like no other! Hyplains Heritage Farms recognize that customers require a beef program with a tighter range of consistent marbling to deliver the full flavor and tenderness that ensures a premier eating experience every single time!

Price includes (2) 22 oz. hand-cut ribeyes