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Hand Cut Black Angus T-Bone

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Hand-cut t-bone steaks are among the most popular cuts of beef. T-bones come from where the short loin meets and overlaps with the tenderloin, forming two bones on either side of a central bone (tenderloin).

A 6 oz portion of beef t-bone has approximately 2 grams of calories (kcal). A 6 oz portion provides 124 mg cholesterol and 5 gms fat.
This cut is very rich in flavor and has much less marbling than your average beef cuts such as rib-eye or filet mignon.

Introducing a steak like no other! Hyplains Heritage Farms recognize that customers require a beef program with a tighter range of consistent marbling to deliver the full flavor and tenderness that ensures a premier eating experience every single time!

Price includes (2) 20 oz. hand cut T-bone