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North Texas BBQ Addicts - BBQ Pack

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Make every day a perfect day for bbq with North Texas BBQ Addicts - BBQ Pack. A bbq bundle made with the NTBA community in mind who knows what real bbq means. -- Ok fine, we also thought about the non-NTBA community members who love bbq too! 

This bbq pack includes a variety of prime grade meat cuts and seafood that would make one think about smoke and grill the moment you see them.

North Texas BBQ Addicts - BBQ pack includes meat cuts and seafood at a very reasonable deal. There is definitely no compromise in quality and taste. Truly, a party in a pack!

For the hardcore griller and smoker - This one's for you!

(14) lbs.< USDA Prime Brisket or better

(2) 16 oz. American Wagyu Ribeyes 

(2) lbs. Argentine Red Shrimp