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Prime T-Bone Steaks

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As with most cuts of beef, Prime T-bone steak is named after its bone – a tibia or shin bone. It also incorporates the second largest muscle group in a steer, the tenderloin. This means Prime T-bone Steaks have a little bit of everything: succulent, unctuous meat from the fillet mignon and a tasty, chewy texture from the tibia.

Broadly speaking, t-bone steaks are feather blade–cut t-bones with big eye muscle in the middle. Prime T-bones have better meat on them and the t-shaped bone makes for a prettier presentation than their rival, the Porterhouse.

Get ready for nothing but exceptional taste and quality!

Exceptional taste and quality. When you are looking for the best option for your grill, look no further than these two 20 oz prime T- Bones!