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"Sirloin Bomb"

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Sirloin steak meat comes from the back portion or rump of the animal. This is home to different sirloin cuts we know and some of which are included in this sirloin bundle. We call it the "Sirloin Bomb".

The Sirloin Bomb set is a prime-grade beef bundle that delivers an amazing taste and meat experience.

A more portion-controlled prime grade beef bundle that still delivers that delicious taste and exceptional quality. With this bundle you will receive:

  • Four USDA Prime Delmonico Steaks
  • Eight USDA Prime Sirloin Filet Steaks
  • Six USDA Prime Sirloin Strip Steaks
  • Six USDA Prime Ranch Cut Filet Steaks
  • Eighteen USDA Prime Beef Burgers 
  • Five USDA Prime Strip Steaks

Includes free local delivery.