The Meat and Seafood You Need to Be Grilling This

The Meat and Seafood You Need to Be Grilling This Weekend

Grilling in the backyard with friends and family is good anytime of the year. With so many options available to grill, which meat and seafood should you be cooking this weekend?

You can't go wrong with steak or pork chops to get that much needed protein. Both of these meats were practically made for grilling, and relatively easy on the budget.

A fun option to try with your loved ones is this Sirloin Sampler Package. It’s a great way to experiment on the grill, all while trying different delicious steaks.

Another option on the grill is cooking up some seafood. Although it may be a bit more unconventional, grilled salmon and shrimp is always a good idea. We love shrimp for how quick and easy they are. They also offer much versatility in dishes such as pasta, salad, or ceviche. These Argentine Red Shrimp make for a delicious, simple meal. Since they are already peeled and deveined, all it takes is popping them on some skewers and throwing them on the grill. However, if you've got a cast iron skillet handy, get these morsels in the pan for some street tacos. 

Something many people may not know is that different meats require different heat settings. A key component in grilling is using the correct temperature, as well as technique.

For reverse-seared steak, pork chops, and salmon you'll want to keep the flame on medium-high heat (250-300F).

It is best to use steak or pork chops that are about an inch thick, to ensure that all the sides get cooked evenly. But personal preference always plays a part, especially with seasoning and thickness of the cuts.

The best thing about grilling is that it just makes everything taste better. It's the ultimate way to cook your summer meat and seafood favorites without spending too much time in the kitchen. For an added bonus, you can even use a bit of flavored butter or olive oil on your grilled foods to kick up the flavor even more.

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