Three Steps to a Perfect Burger

Three Steps to a Perfect Burger

Considered one of the staples of our American menu, the burger starts with the selection of your ground beef, but follow a few suggestions below for an awesome burger every time.


The recipe for the perfect burger includes:

1. Choose Wisely - Selection of your fresh ground beef that has 20% fat or more for a tasty and juicier burger. Great burgers are all about beef though stay away from extra-lean ground beef since it will cook up dry and tough. You can try American Wagyu Beef that has the perfect blend of famous Wagyu buttery marbling and the robust beef flavor that American beef is known for. 

2. Brioche is the Bun of Choice - These buns are good for simple reasons: It's made with butter, eggs, and milk making them softer, moister, and richer compared to other types of bread. It is also sturdy enough to hold up to just about any size burger.

3. Best Sauce and Topping Options - While the three main components are typically cheese, lettuce, and tomato, but your personal preference is always a good way to go. While the classics are mayo, mustard & ketchup, the options are endless. Have fun and use your creativity and try different sauces that go well with your burger. 



The secret is in the seasoning. Salt and pepper are the easiest and most widely appreciated seasonings, but feel free to experiment with other spices like oregano, garlic powder, or even chili powder for some kick. 


How to cook it?


For medium-rare burgers (135-145F) use a charcoal or gas grill over medium heat. With charcoal, you can use an indirect heat method to keep the burger from overcooking. With gas, we recommend using a cast-iron skillet instead of directly cooking the meat on the grill for even browning.


It's best practice to allow your meat to come to thaw a bit before cooking it. This will help you not to squeeze all the juice and flavor out of your burger when you press down on it for cooking.

Form burgers 1/4 to 1/2 pound in size to ensure a juicy turnout. This will allow you to slowly cook your burger to your desired internal temperature, and keep it from drying out.

Medium (135-145F) allows for a juicy burger while at the same time creating an awesome crust. Consistent and even distribution of heat ensures a thorough cook on your burger. 250 to 325F are good temps to shoot for.

Let it rest up to five minutes covered in foil to allow the juices to evenly distribute.


That's all it takes for a delicious, perfect burger!