Cold Water Lobster Tails

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Cold water lobster tails are a true delight! Cold water lobsters, sometimes called Atlantic cold-water lobsters or North America cold water lobsters, are the cold-water cousins of their warm-water kin from the West Indies and southern Florida. As might be imagined, they are cold-water dwellers, and tend to be a bit smaller than their warm-water cousins. Cold water lobster meat has firmer and whiter meat that has such a clean taste compared to other lobster types. Unshelled cold water lobster tails can be kept for up to ten days in a conventional refrigerator, and may be frozen for another two months or so. Cold water lobsters have firm, whiter meat that tastes “cleaner.” The cold water allows the lobsters to grow slower which makes for tastier more tender meat. Cold water lobster tails will almost always be more expensive than warm water lobster tails, but for good reason, they taste better. (4) 5-7 oz. Lobster tails.

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